Your Body Remembers… Even If You Don’t.

By Gary Stotler, Member Coach

With the holidays coming up, it’s easy to lose focus on our fitness and health goals. The parties, the platters and the endless amounts of food we have access to this time of year allow us to drift off course leaving us to double down on a quick fix in the New Year.

Set yourself up for success in 2020 by thinking ahead today and taking positive action forward.

This holiday season: Be mindful. Be focused. Be active.

Be Mindful- Give yourself time to breathe. A few minutes of peace and quiet can help you stay calm and focused during the busyness and distractions.

woman running on snowy mountainBe Focused– Focusing on the positive choices we have rather than focusing on what we should avoid will keep our mind on track. The presence and mindfulness of our actions will keep the positive choices at the front of our mind so we can spend our time and energy focused on what is most important.

Be Active- To stay in a groove, you have to move. The holidays are known for disrupting our everyday routine. A skipped workout here and there doesn’t seem big in the moment, but the disruption in our movement pattern affects our energy level. When an active person becomes inactive, the brain begins to modify the release of chemicals. The habit disruption begins to create a new set of patterns which can be difficult to overturn in the New Year.

The holidays can be overwhelming enough… you don’t have to overthink your fitness and health. Keep your mind calm, your fork still and your body moving so you can set yourself to live your best year ever in 2020!