One Small Healthy Step Could Add Years to Your Heart Health!

By Gary Stotler, Member Coach


Many times when we think of taking a step forward toward better fitness and health, we see all the possibilities, the options, the diets, the exercise programs, the 500 million hits when we Google “healthy lifestyle”. The thought of making ALL the changes we need to make can be overwhelming and exhausting. How can you clear the clutter of overwhelming thoughts and anxiety and create a positive routine toward a full and healthy heart? The answer is simple— find something you can do today, do it every day to create the habit until one day it becomes a part of your lifestyle. The best part is, you don’t have to do everything at once as long as you pick the proper action and become consistent to your commitment. Find a better way to improve your thoughts, increase your actions and discover positive feelings so you can add years to your heart health.

1. Write a letter to yourself!

Start with one quality character trait you love about yourself and let your pen flow. The most difficult part of journaling is getting started. Remove barriers of self-doubt and find one simple piece of self-love. Repeat daily for a week, then a month.

2. Implement a simple 20 minute routine. It could change your entire life. Seems too simple, right? 20 minutes is 1% of your day and over seven days, would add up to the 150 minutes of exercise required to meet the World Health Organizations standards! And remember, just because you start at 20 minutes, doesn’t mean you’ll stay there forever. One 20 minute walk a day would be about 125 calories burned, times one year, would add up to 13 pounds of weight loss! The simple power of building a daily habit can improve your future through physical fitness by 1% every day!

3. The vitamins and/or supplements you don’t take won’t help improve your health. The same goes for your nutrition, exercise, reading, journaling or any other activity. Whatever we do to improve our mental, physical or spiritual health only works if we consistently take action in a positive direction. Sometimes remembering to take the action is the most difficult part so remind yourself to take the vitamin by placing it next to your sink or coffee pot. You are more likely to take action if you see the bottle. Put your book or journal by your bed. Your sneakers by the front door or your workout bag in the car the night before.

Creating the habit of daily improvement is what will help you reach your goals! The simple tasks we learn to accomplish every day will guide us toward the future we desire the most!


Gary Stotler Club Greenwood Member CoachGary Stotler

Gary Stotler received his B.S. in Social Sciences with an emphasis in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Wyoming. He has spent over 15 years studying people, business and fitness. Gary has worked with individuals and organizations to design successful processes that utilize goal setting and action planning to achieve success. He is excited to bring his personal and professional coaching experience to Club Greenwood.

As the Member Coach he will work to help our members close the G.A.P. between where they are and where they want to be by personalizing Goal Setting, Action Planning and creating Persistence through Consistency and a Positive Attitude.

Gary knows from personal experience what it takes to be intimidated and overcome poor health to create an extraordinary level of fitness, health and athleticism. Gary started his personal fitness journey with a walk around the block at 400 pounds… over the past six years, he has lost nearly 200 pounds and found the athlete within, completing two 100 mile ultra-marathons, including the Leadville Trail 100 mile race in 2018.

Behavioral Change Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer

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