Fresh air is the best self-care

by Gary Stotler, Member Coach and Personal Trainer

Wow… there is a lot happening right now… I want to take a minute to stop and reframe a few thoughts…

Fitness and Health starts where you are.
Maybe a run around the block isn’t what is best for you.
Maybe the thought of losing momentum is too much right now.
Maybe the fear of having to start over, again is starting to creep in.
With all the overwhelming attention right now, I can’t think of a better time to enjoy the beautiful weather and the fresh air we are blessed with.

Fresh air is free and has a cleansing effect on our minds. As little as 20 minutes of sunshine and fresh air can release good chemicals in our brain which will trigger positive emotions to follow. Clearing our minds of the “outside noise” will allow us to renew and reset our mindset.

Intentional positive movement is the most underutilized activity I can think of. With schedules and routines being completely disrupted, it is important to take a step back and realize we have control over how we choose to move (or not move). A walk around the block, a dance party with the kids or anything else that keeps your body in motion is important. All too often when life disrupts our routine, intentional movement stops. When the time comes to jump back into your routine, you’ll be glad you chose to keep moving forward!

Now is a great opportunity to get some positive movement, breathe in the fresh Colorado air and enjoy the beautiful Sunshine. I can’t think of any better way to clear my mind and cleanse my body than getting outside. Positive motion creates positive emotions and fresh air is the best self-care!

So, remember, while the whole world is focusing on what isn’t going right, take the first step outside and start enjoying what you can control. When everything settles down and it is time to return to life as usual, you’ll be glad you kept your positive routine and you’ll set yourself up for success moving right into summer!