The Barre at Club Greenwood

The Barre at Greenwood is a high-intensity, low-impact Barre workout that challenges every major muscle group through a combination of strength training, stretching and ballet postures. Using the ballet barre and specialized equipment, your muscles will be worked effectively to the point of exhaustion with low-impact moves to protect your joints. Each class is limited to 14 people, giving each participant a customized class experience for any level.

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Barre is Complimentary at Club Greenwood.

Members must register to reserve one of the 14 available spots in each class. A 24-hour cancelation policy will be in place. If you register and don’t show, you will be charged $20.

Benefits of Barre

Greenwood Barre classes provide a wealth of benefits. Participants have experienced:

  • Sculpted Physiques
  • Reduced Body Fat
  • Stronger Glutes, Thighs, Arms, Back and Abs
  • Improved Flexibility and Posture
  • Greater Cardiovascular Health and Stamina

The Design of Barre Classes

Greenwood Barre classes blend cardio, strength training, flexibility, balance and core conditioning for a total body workout that targets the hips, glutes, abs, and arms.

  • Lifting and Toning using Intense Isometric Movements
  • Dance Conditioning
  • Interval Training
  • Stretching

Barre Instructors

Greenwood Instructors are world-class. Get to know our team of Barre instructors.


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