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Yoga Privates

"Privates with Drew have been life changing; reduced stress, gained flexibility, help injuries, and best part of my week! Every private he always comes up with a different routine and plan!" - Jeff Keating

"My husband, son and I signed up for private yoga sessions with Drew because we were novices to yoga and honestly the classes were often crowded and a little intimidating especially for our teenaged son who needed it the most. We were fortunate to find Drew who tailored the classes to each of our needs. He got me slowly back into yoga after a hip surgery, while constantly challenging my husband and encouraging my son to push himself a little more each week. With yoga,  my son saw almost immediate results in his flexibility and core strength and he has recovered more quickly from the bumps and bruises of competitive soccer and basketball.We all look forward to our Sunday afternoons with Drew and it is a great way to start the week both mentally and physically." - Lucy Buck