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An Afternoon of Sound Healing Music

Saturday, July 20 / 1–3pm / Jade Studio / $40

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"Matthew is a musical magician, an auditory alchemist, you will be changed." —Wendy C.

Join internationally acclaimed throat singer, sound healer and musical visionary Matthew Kocel for an afternoon of heart opening bliss, deep spiritual awakening and healing. Experience live Matthew's surreal voice and hauntingly familiar melodies which will resonate to the core of your being, beyond time and space.

Based in Vancouver BC, Matthew Kocel is recognized as an emerging leader in the world sound healing movement. He is a committee member of the Global Wellness Institute Sound Healing Initiative and he tours internationally. Come prepared to sit or lie down letting the sublime tones of Matthew's voice and exotic instruments cascade over and through you. Feel free to bring your own cushion, pillow, or blanket for added comfort.