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Meet our Member Coach

Member Coach - Sheri WarrenSheri Warren
The Greenwood Member Coach provides a complimentary service available to help members make their experience at Greenwood the best it can be! With a background in personal training and group fitness, Sheri has the experience to help you find the most effective and enjoyable way to reach your goals.

Sheri will:

  • Recommend classes and activities based on your interests and fitness level 
  • Answer questions you may have about our facilities and what we have to offer
  • Develop a workout plan or schedule to get you results
  • Provide guidance in the weight room
  • Join you in a class to get you started

Sheri enjoys helping others reach their fitness goals.  She is a strong believer that people are capable of accomplishing great things with a little hard work, a good plan and an understanding of the value of taking care of their overall health through consistent exercise.  Sheri is convinced that consistency is the key to achieving results and she knows how to help you get there.  As Member Coach, Sheri looks forward to encouraging others to find balance between life’s demands and a healthy lifestyle. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 303-770-2582 x320 or email Sheri Warren at