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Miguel Ramirez

Muscle Activation Technique Specialist

Phone: 954-744-6091

If you are lucky enough to spend time in Miguel's care, you will learn that he is a phenomenal photographer, enjoys staying active by cycling and finding the nearest pickup basketball or volleyball game and has lately taken an interest in learning muay thai. However, his passion which becomes quickly evident, is the human body. Miguel's gift is to help people achieve and maintain a high level of wellness. Moving clients through various states of injury and post surgical recovery to a greater state of physical health.

Miguel began his career as a massage therapist at a high performance sports massage internship with Mela Therapeutics at Bommarito Performance Systems in Florida. While at Mela, Miguel had the pleasure of working with the general population as well as NFL, MLB and other professional athletes which exposed him to a multitude of injuries acquired in myriad ways. This led him to wanting to further understand the connectivity of the body.

After being introduced to MAT in 2011, he became certified in the first three of four levels of MAT in four years and is a current student in the Rx Internship which is MATís highest level of education and training. In the fall of 2014, Miguel had the great fortune of learning and working directly with Greg Roskopf and was extended a position at MAT headquarters in January 2015.

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