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Dawn Holles

Pilates Instructor

Phone: 303-770-2582 x408

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Dawn and her family recently moved back to Colorado after living in New Jersey for five years. She is happy to be back, surrounded by family and friends, and is excited to take advantage of the climate and active lifestyle that Colorado offers. In her free time she enjoys biking, rowing, hiking, swimming and watching her three boys play sports. Dawn began her career in the fitness industry in college as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. This led to an interest in rehabilitation and a long time love for Pilates. Her goal for each client is to improve their strength, flexibility, functional movement and become pain free. Her passion to help people is undeniable. You'll often hear her say that Pilates is a journey and everyone's journey looks different. If you stay consistent in your practice, you will reap the rewards. Dawn has been teaching Pilates for nine years and completed her comprehensive certification through Peak Pilates in Bradenton, Florida.