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Greenwood Goes Green

Club Greenwood is proud to announce its support for environmental sustainability within its facility design and operations. Listed below are steps that GATC has and is taking towards increased environmental sustainability:
  • We were the first company in the state of Colorado to install the “dolphin”, a non-chemically treated water system (2005)
  • We completed a million dollar energy retrofit that included (2005):
    • Installation of energy efficient lighting
    • Installation of a mechanical indoor pool cover saving energy via our indoor pool heater and cost of chemicals via evaporation
    • Installation of energy efficient chillers at both the athletic and tennis clubs
    • Replaced hot water storage tanks with conservation-oriented tanks
  • Recycle cardboard and paper (2007). Recycle plastic (2010)
  • The Kids' Club playground uses a Nike Grind surface from recycled athletic shoes; Playtop impact-absorbing playground surfacing  makes children's playgrounds safer
  • Installed bottle fillers at all drinking fountains to promote filling water bottles vs. purchasing plastic water bottles (2007)
  • Installed the Ozone laundry system which saves water and energy, wear and tear on towels and laundry detergent in addition to killing 99% of bacteria including the superbug MRSA (2008)
  • Installed high efficiency heaters when we built the outdoor pool to allow for energy savings while keeping the pool open year-round (2006)
  • Host shoe drives for Denver area shelters two times per year to recycle “gently used” shoes
  • Donate lost and found items including water bottles (after three weeks) to Good Will and other charitable organizations to recycle
  • Donate worn towels to Volunteers of America
  • Donate wire hangers back to local dry cleaning business to recycle
  • Moved toward a paperless office including paperless payroll through direct deposit with online statements and electronic reporting
  • Building materials removed during construction are recycled by GATC and contractors
  • Decrease the consumption of non-renewable materials within business operations
  • Promote social responsibility and maintain efficient and professional business practices
    • Turn off water while shaving / soaping / shampooing
    • Keep showers to a minimum
    • Use fewer towels
    • Refrain from using disposable plastic water bottles
  • Contracted with Boulder based Namaste Solar and their financing partner, Hybrid Energy Group, to install a 100kW solar electric system on the roof of the Tennis Club. Financed through a Power Purchase Agreement, there are no up-front costs to the GATC for the solar system, which will cover 8% of the building’s electricity needs and result in significant savings over the term of the agreement. On an annual basis, the system will generate an estimated 136,000 kilowatt hours of electricity, enough to power 15 homes in Colorado. Environmentally, the 100kW system will reduce the GATC’s carbon emissions by nearly 280,000 pounds per year and is equivalent to planting 10,700 trees (2010).
  • Replaced 102, 600W high output fluorescent lights with 48 370W and 54 240W LED lights over all seven indoor tennis courts. The change to LED lights will reduce annual electricity usage by over 167,000 kWh which is enough to power 10 homes each year  (2017)
It is the intent of Club Greenwood to continue the efforts listed above in addition to exploring other opportunities for green practices and initiatives.