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Small Group Personal Training

Experience Small Group Personal Training at Club Greenwood, in these high energy one-hour workouts you will burn calories and build muscle. 

SGPT delivers a workout that is PERSONAL with fitness professionals who will give you the attention you deserve. You will be energized, motivated and get RESULTS. Add a Myzone fitness tracker and push each other as a team for an even better experience.   Kick that metabolism into high gear, increase energy and see your body change.

We have different types for all different levels and different styles to meet your mood and interests. Some of the classes include PWRFIT, Firm and Burn, Kettlebell and Suspension Training, Tone and Tighten and Muscle XFIT. 

PWRFIT Classes

PWRFIT Classes deliver functional training movements in a circuit style format to create a high energy, calorie burning, muscle-building workout with professionally mixed music.

Upper Body/Core
Show off those guns! This format focuses on your entire upper body.

Lower Body/Core
Ready for legs that could run all day? Check out the Lower Body/Core format!

Focus on building a strong foundation - abs, back and glutes!

Total Body
Hit it all in one class! A full body workout including resistance training and high intensity interval cardio training for great results.

Emphasizes high-intensity cardiovascular interval training. Get ready to run, jump, row and ride to reach maximal heart rate!

A high energy class that combines resistance training and high intensity interval cardio training for great results.

Two classes in one spend 30 minutes doing exercises designed to make you are stronger cyclist and 30 minutes on indoor cycling drills! Beginners are welcome.

Unique SGPT Classes


Firm and Burn: Full body circuit training style workout guaranteed to get your heart rate up and your muscles burning. Beginners are welcome.

Kettlebell and Suspension Training: Combine two great tools in one great class! Utilizing kettlebells for resistance and the benefits of suspension training to get you strong and lean! Beginners are welcome.

Muscle XFIT: An intense cross training workout, using full body strength and power movements, challenging cardio segments and core training for great results. See gains in power, strength and cardiovascular conditioning! If you like CrossFit, then you'll LOVE Muscle XFIT! 

Total Tone and Tighten: Tone legs, firm arms, sculpt abs and lose weight in the eight week progressive-cycle training program incorporating weights, kettlebells, machines TRX, body-weight, balance and cardio. Beginners are welcome.

Add in the optional Myzone heart-rate training system to provide you with instant feedback and be rewarded with Myzone Effort Points (MEPs).

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