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Pilates Teacher Training

Peak Pilates®
Comprehensive Certification

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The Peak Pilates® Comprehensive Certification is a classical Pilates education program distinguished by an emphasis on Pilates as an integrated movement system as Joseph Pilates intended. Our three-level modular pathway to the Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certification allows you to progress at your own pace. An extensive Teacher Trainer Network also ensures support and opportunities for mentorships that empower students to become effective instructors and members of an elite group in the Pilates community.

The Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certification prepares you to instruct a range of individual clients and group classes, and teaches you how to modify exercises for special populations. The 500-hour Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certification includes instruction in classical mat work and exercises performed on traditional Pilates apparatus. We use Peak Pilates equipment, which preserves the integrity of the original apparatus designed by Joseph Pilates.

Each level comprises modules (see overview below), generally scheduled over a weekend from Friday evening through Sunday.

Students may earn a certification at each level by attending all modules, successfully completing assessments and submitting logged hours. To earn the Peak Pilates Full Comprehensive Certification, you must complete all program levels and logged hours, and receive passing scores on all assessments.

Maintaining certification requires earning a minimum of 14 continuing education credits (CECs) every two years. You may earn CECs by:

  • moving to the next Comprehensive Certification level.
  • attending Peak Pilates continuing education courses, workshops and conferences.
  • completing education with approved providers.
  • submitting petitioned courses.

The Peak Pilates Comprehensive Certification pathway is outlined below or download a printer-friendly chart [PDF] that overviews the key topics, materials and course requirements for all three levels.

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Level I (4 Modules)

Prerequisites: Knowledge of basic human anatomy and kinesiology, 20 hours of Pilates training and we recommend current CPR/AED and First Aid certifications
Module 1: The Foundation (20 hours)
Introduces students to the Pilates principles, fundamentals and the “Powerhouse”, and the Peak Pilates 5-Part Formula. Lessons focus on introductory mat work and building blocks.
Module 2: Introduction to the Apparatus (20 hours)
Students progress to lessons on the reformer, high chair, small barrel and high ladder barrel, and learn about transitions, cueing and touch techniques.
Module 3: Beginner/Intermediate Level Apparatus (20 hours)
Module 3 adds Pilates low chair exercises, intermediate level reformer and ladder barrel exercises. More advanced teaching concepts include identifying common errors and proper body alignment, and structuring a Pilates session.
Module 4: Teaching, Technique and Assessments (20 hours)
Students complete the remaining high ladder barrel exercises, practice teach, andreview all exercises. Assessments are completed on the final day. A Peak Pilates Level I Certification is awarded to instructors who pass all Level I assessments and complete 120 logged hours.

Level II (2 Modules)

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Level I requirements, 100 logged hours and we recommend current CPR/AED and First Aid certifications
Module 1: Intermediate Level Mat, Reformer, Cadillac (20 hours)
Students learn additional intermediate level exercises, refine transitions, and how to monitor static and transitional body alignment.
Module 2: Intermediate Chair and Barrels, Teaching Technique and Assessments (20 hours)
Module 2 continues progressing through intermediate Pilates exercises and builds upon the skills learned in Level I. Assessments are completed on the final day A Peak Pilates Level II Certification is awarded to instructors who pass all Level II assessments and complete 60 logged hours.

Level III (3 Modules)

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Levels I and II requirements and we recommend current CPR/AED and First Aid certifications
Module 1: Advanced Level Mat, Reformer, Cadillac (20 hours)
This module completes the lessons on advanced level mat, reformer and cadillac exercises, teaching transitions and techniques.
Module 2: Advanced Level Chair, Barrels, Auxiliary Equipment (20 hours)
This module completes advanced level exercises with auxiliary equipment and jump board. Students also review case studies, which illustrate the application and value of a classical Pilates program.
Module 3: Final Comprehensive Assessment (6 hours)
This one-day assessment comprises the final Comprehensive Certification assessments including written and practical assessments. A Peak Pilates Full Comprehensive Certification is awarded to instructors who pass all Level III assessments and complete 60 logged hours.  

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