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Choosing a Pilates Class

Pilates Class Descriptions

Alignment Awareness: Gain awareness and discover movements to restore the natural balance, grace, and effortless movement in this no impact relaxing class.

*Buff Bones:
A medically-endorsed routine of specifically sequenced exercises that combines Pilates, functional movement, strength training and therapeutic exercise with bone strengthening and balance techniques to optimize the health and safety of your bones.

Equipment Brunch:
Did the weekend get the best of you? This mid-morning class combines the best stretchy and strengthening elements of Pilates. We aim to move your body and sweep away the worries and cobwebs of the week while you “brunch” on all of the equipment.

Essential Series:
We firmly believe that Joe had a reason, a super objective, for his specific arrangement of his exercises and we continue to seek his guiding hand. Learn the basic series exercises (footwork, rowing, long box, long stretch, stomach massage, short box, long box 2 and splits) in this class and discover how each piece of equipment supports the other. It’s a bit of Pilates detective work for your body and mind.

Mat Class:
The mat work is the entry into Pilates and includes numerous exercises of varying difficulty and progression that are designed to stretch, strengthen and improve body alignment. Mat with Props is taught using power circles, balls, Thera bands etc.

Mindful Movement:
Use the Pilates equipment to improve your strength, balance, flexibility, posture and bone health. This class is ideal for individuals 50+ and those who have osteoporosis.

MVe Class:
MVe stands for MOVE! The chair is used to challenge balance and strengthen the entire body. The Pilates Chair is smaller and extremely versatile. Joseph Pilates goal was that every home in America would have a Pilates Chair in the living room so you could exercise while watching television. This class is often accompanied with music and has evolved from its wooden counterpart providing a challenging and energizing workout. 

Mixed Equipment Class: This class utilizes a mix of equipment: chair, tower, mat, barrels and reformers. Requests are welcome.

Pilates for Beginners: Did you just finish your intro pack? This class is suitable for beginners, those with restricted movements and those recovering from injuries. Additionally, you will learn the basic restorative reformer exercises and how to operate the reformer, preparing you to take more advanced Pilates classes.

Reformer for Athletes:
This class is designed to repeat motions you do while out on the trail, on the bike, in the water or simply put, while in your element. Focus is on strength, awareness, balance and uniform development of the body preventing lopsidedness.

Reformer Class: The most widely known and versatile apparatus. Its unique combination of springs, pulleys, straps and sliding carriage make it an incredibly valuable and useful piece of equipment to strengthen the powerhouse (core) and increase flexibility.

Reformer Flow: The value of the order is such that once you begin this workout, that’s it. There’s no stopping in the middle…or skipping things you don’t like…or doing 1/2 of your exercises…This class is for those who feel compelled to finish what you’ve started.

Run Stretch: This class begins with a running warm up outside (daylight and weather permitting) otherwise on the indoor track followed by running drills, sprints, and intervals. The second part of class is done on the Pilates equipment using the reformer or tower for core activation and STRETCH!

Ski Fit: Take some time to prepare your body, avoid injury and misery, and feel great on the slopes by focusing on your balance and strengthening your quads, hamstrings, glutes, inner & outer thighs, calves, abs, back and let’s not forget our arms!

Tower Class: On this apparatus, arms, legs and the trunk are challenged against the various spring tensions and positions achievable on this equipment.


A minimum of 3-5 private lessons are required before entering an equipment based class.

L1 Beginner:
Foundation exercises emphasizing support and guidance are taught using building blocks and modifications when necessary to build the framework for more advanced classes.
L2 Intermediate:
These classes build upon beginner exercises and incorporate more exercises within the hour with a focus on flow, greater range of motion and transitions.
L3 Advanced:
A stamina building class structured upon a longer list of intermediate to advanced exercises within the hour with a focus on flow, greater range of motion, less support, transitions, props and in some cases order.

Equipment Based Class Pricing:

Single Class $30 member / $35 guest. Power 8-Pack $200 member / $240 guest
*Buff Bones: Single Class $10 member /$15 guest. Power 8-pack $64 member / $104 guest

Cancelation policy:

To avoid being charged, we request a 24-hour notice before canceling for private lessons and classes.