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Personal Training

Club Greenwood is home to over 23 of the best nationally certified personal trainers in Greenwood Village and the South Denver area. We offer one-on-one training, semi-private training, group personal training and innovative programs with experience helping people with their weight loss and muscle-building goals, post-rehabilitation, and sports performance for explosive and endurance athletes. Greenwood personal trainers offer a variety of options for their clients to keep workouts inspiring and interesting using TRX Suspension Training, Boxing, Kettlebells, Cycling, stability training and other cross training tools.

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  • One-on-One Personal Training

    Allows you and your trainer to individualize your workout and spend a great deal of time focusing on form, technique and the best way for you to see results. Contact Vivian to learn more »
  • Semi-Private Personal Training

    You and a friend (or group of up to four friends) will get a great workout together with one of our professional trainers. This is a perfect option for those who like to workout with a friend but need guidance and instruction to maintain consistency and remain efficient. Enjoy the guided instruction of a personal trainer and the camaraderie of working in a small group while making progress toward achieving your goals. Contact Vivian to learn more »
  • Cancellation Policy

    Cancellations: All cancellations require a minimum of 24 hours notification prior to the scheduled appointment. The full-posted price of the session/class will be charged for late cancellations.

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  • Suspension Training

    Hang on a minute! Pam Oliver will coach you through a workout that will train multiple muscles at once, in multiple planes of movement for a workout unlike anything you've experienced.

    Great for: functional training, quick conditioning, no-impact setting, core strength, improved sport performance, flexibility and performance.

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Group Personal Training
These classes provide members with the motivation and energy of a group setting with the specialized guidance of a personal trainer.
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    with Kim Galbreath

    Classes specifically designed to develop obstacle racing skills, additional strength workouts, trail running plans with local maps, recovery and mobility routines and 
packing lists to get you through race day.

    Two classes per week. 10-week program can be split into two 5-week sessions.
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    PWRFIT is a small group personal training class that delivers functional training movements in a circuit style format to create a high energy, calorie burning, muscle-building workout with professionally mixed music. Read more »

    Increase your cycling strength and efficiency through focused cycling drills, cycling specific strength exercises and expert coaching. Progress testing done at the beginning of each month.
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Personal Training Programs
Group Personal Training Programs are designed with specific goals in mind. Some focus on body transformation, improving your golf game, sports specific programming, or getting ready for an event. Programs are paid in advance for a specific period of time and run from 4-12 weeks.
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  • Fighting Father Time, Moving with Mother Nature

    with Karen Zareck

    How do you maximize movement so your body works like a well-oiled machine? Learn the best ways to stay active, mobile, stable and in shape — no matter your fitness level or age! RSVP to
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  • Total Tone and Tighten

    with David Nutting

    Tone legs, firm arms, sculpt abs, and lose weight in this 8-week progressive cycle training program incorporating weights, kettlebells, machines, TRX, bodyweight, balance, and cardio.
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  • Play Tennis Injury-Free

    Play strong, play better, play safe! Ken Washington is your trainer in this 7-week program to keep you playing at your best. Using medicine balls, TRX, ropes for footwork, and stretching and flexibility, you'll stay in top shape and play injury-free! Register »
  • Teen Weightlifting 101

    Ready to start lifting weights? Learn the basics of weight room training, proper form and body control in order to build strength, size and an awesome fitness and sports foundation! With Justin Marini.

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  • Weightlifting 101

    Whether you're a beginner or want to take your training to the next level, learn how to properly lift weights to gain muscle, lose fat, prevent injury and reach goals. Master it all in this class with Justin Marini.

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  • Muscle Chaos

    An intense cross training workout using full body strength and power movements, challenging cardio segments and core strength training for great overall results in power, strength and cardiovascular conditioning. Power moves include Olympic lifts and plyometrics. Designed to strengthen the body to perform at its highest level. If you like Crossfit then you will like Muscle Chaos.

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  • Trigger Point Workshop

    with Vic Spatola / Tight, sore, stiff? Roll away the pain and ease those knots! Maintain mobility, flexibility and range of movement through stretching and loosening tight muscles through trigger point pressure work and postural changes.

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  • Women on Weights

    Did you know women begin to lose up to 5% of their muscle mass every decade after age 30, leading to sarcopenia, osteoporosis and a lower quality of life? We have the remedy! Learn to lift weights properly while increasing lean muscle mass, improving your bone health and maintaining a healthy weight. All in a fun group environment with like-minded ladies cheering each other to their best health! Read more »
  • Power Plate Training

    When you attend this seminar you gain personal access to Greenwood's Power Plates. You will learn: • The science and benefits of vibration training • Stretches to improve flexibility • Exercises to improve strength • Personalized programs for your goals • Recommended settings and precautions Read more »
  • Complimentary Joint Health Seminar

    Bend, Don't Break with Stu Kershner / Learn how to keep your joints healthy and happy. A different joint will be discussed each month with exercises, stretches and other recovery tips and tricks shared. Just drop in, no RSVP!

    Neck — May 8
    Shoulder — June 12
    Elbow/Hand — July 10
    Back — August 14
    Hip — September 11
    Knee — October 9
    Foot/Ankle — November 13
  • New - InBody570 Body Composition

    The InBody 570 device determines muscle to fat analysis, level of hydration, areas of inflammation and recommends a healthy muscle to fat ratio. $25 for scan, $40 for scan and analysis. Read more »
  • Become a NASM Certified Personal Trainer

    NASM is the leading certifying body for personal trainers. Get hands on experience with Master Trainer Vic Spatola. Read more »

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