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Nutrition Services

Club Greenwood offers nutrition services through Registered Dietitian Kristin Burgess. She will address healthy eating patterns to optimize your personal metabolic needs.
  • Sports nutrition for running, cycling and triathlon training
  • Discover healthy eating patterns through calorie consumption, timing of meals and snacks, and carbohydrate: protein ratios
  • Disease prevention and treatment for heart health, diabetes, endocrine imbalances and more
  • Ingredient list and food label interpretation
  • Lab interpretation
Menu of Services
Our nutrition services are customized to fit the individual needs of Members and Non-Members.
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  • Basic Nutrition Consultation

    Incorporate healthier eating into your busy lifestyle. This consultation with customized meal plan gives you the tools you need to achieve long-term success. (60 minute initial and two 30 minute follow-ups, $150)
  • LEAN Program

    This six week, comprehensive, weight loss and lifestyle nutrition program is designed to help you set specific goals, achieve them and learn how to evaluate and improve upon and execute lifestyle changes for weight loss and healthy eating. The program includes two 60-minute and four 30-minute sessions, a complete binder of information and recipes to ensure your success and two InBody Body Composition tests. The six week weight loss program is $350.

    Extended rewards for those who need a few more weeks to achieve their Lean program goals (three 30-minute sessions, $120)

    6-Week Option; start anytime
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    New 12-Week Option; start anytime
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  • Sports Nutrition

    This service is perfect for tennis players, triathletes or high school and college athletes. Sports nutrition can give you the winning edge. (60 minute initial and 30 minute follow-up, $110)
  • Detoxification

    This 10-day plan rids your body of the lingering effects of caffeine, fatty foods, alcohol, refined sugar and other poor habits. Cleanse your body and detoxify your liver and kidneys safely and effectively. (60 minute initial and 30 minute follow-up, $110)
  • Follow-up appointments

    for any of the above sessions are also available. (30 minutes, $45) Non-member sessions are an additional 20%.

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Contact Information

Kristin Burgess, RD
303-770-2582 x382

Looking for results?

I have been a client of Kristin for over five years now. Kristin is professional, extremely knowledgeable and experienced in her field. She is supportive yet knows how to push you when you need it. She suggests real food, no crazy "diets". Kristin has helped me reach my weight loss goals and has continued to support me during maintenance. She is also an excellent personal trainer, she is the whole package. If you are looking for results and listen to everything Kristin suggests, you will get to your goal. -Kelly Fultineer