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Wendy Ingraham

imgMember since 2009

Wendy Ingraham joined GATC in November 2009 after moving to Denver and searching for a club. As a new parent, finding a good place for her young daughter, Skylar, was important. Wendy feels good about leaving Skylar in Kids' Club, knowing that she is enjoying the bright, cheery, welcoming atmosphere so Wendy can focus on her workout.

From 1989-2007, Wendy raced as a professional triathlete, winning nine Ironman championships during her tenure. During an ocean swim in Brazil in early 1990, she acquired a virus which attacked her heart, causing palpitations and the recovery forced a short hiatus in her racing career.

Wendy was a Landscape Architect in San Francisco as well, but sold the firm to her business partner in 1994 to focus on racing. Wendy says “the sense of balance in my life is swimming,” and she utilizes the outdoor lap pool regularly, swimming on her own as well as with the Masters Swim Team. Wendy enjoys the weight room and Pilates in addition to her time in the pool. She says, “I love the good energy and the diverse group of people in the weight room, especially the seniors.” She also looks forward to Fridays for her weekly Pilates session. Wendy is proud of her husband Vern Smith. In January 2010, he couldn’t swim one length of the 25m outdoor pool and by May he completed his first ˝ Ironman triathlon. Skylar is an active girl, already loves snow skiing and spending time in our pools. As a member of GATC, Wendy loves being included amongst the “different kinds of people improving their lives through fitness.”

Fall 2010