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Mike Burrows

imgMember since 1993-1998 and 2008 to present

Just do it? I did it. I set a goal October 2008 to lose 100 pounds in one year. I realized after I started that I could do it in 10 months if I burned rubber, and I got it done; in nine months, three weeks and two days, to be exact. So excuse my exuberance for feeling like I just moved Pikes Peak to Fort Collins, with one hand tied behind my back. Never in a million years did I think I could pull this off.

After being told by my new primary care physician at my first appointment on October 9, that I weighed 333 pounds, I knew my couch-potato lifestyle at age 51 had to change. Especially with my November 4 spine surgery (a five-hour fusion operation to fix a severely herniated disc) on the horizon.

When I stepped on the scale in the men’s locker room of the Club Greenwood on August 4, 2009 and weighed 232.5 pounds, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. So I did both, while counting my many blessings. I had plenty of help while losing 100 pounds, starting with longtime friends Kathy and Greg Dziuban of Savannah, GA who gave me the extraordinary gift of a one-year Greenwood membership to push me back into action. I was a Greenwood member during the 1990s and didn’t renew my membership when it expired at the end of 1998. It was the biggest mistake I ever made, because my weight kept creeping up the longer I stayed away. My heartfelt thanks also goes to the extraordinary Greenwood staff members who make this health club the best in the country, not just in Colorado. I can’t imagine a better health club with better facilities and better employees existing anywhere. Those terrific employees include Willie, Francisco and Omar, the men’s locker room attendants who keep that locker room in immaculate condition while going out of their way to make you feel special. Those 100 pounds I lost? You can find them in lane six of Greenwood’s 25-meter indoor pool. That’s where I have been every day since December 15, 2008 when I received medical clearance after my spine surgery to get back in the water. I started my aquatic rehab by walking one mile in chest-high water in that lane, then 1.5 miles, then two miles. After a few months, I was walking 2.5 miles, then three miles, then four miles. My record time for walking three miles in the water is two hours, 38 minutes. On August 9, exactly 10 months from the day I set my goal to lose 100 pounds, I “celebrated” by walking five miles in lane six. It took me four hours, 45 minutes. Thank goodness for the invention of the waterproof iPod! And thank goodness for Greenwood, where my next goal is to get down to 200 pounds, hopefully by New Year’s Day. After losing 100, what’s another 32?

Fall 2009