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Frank Cahill

imgMember since 2002

Frank Cahill, age 12 ½, has been a member at Club Greenwood since he was four years old and is a charter member of XRKade®. His typical winter workout at GATC goes like this: climbing on the Treadwall, joining the cycling tour on the Expresso bike, snowboarding on the XR board, slamming the Makoto and dancing till he drops on Dance Dance Revolution - all in an hour and a half.

He is a 6th grader at Ave Maria Catholic School and enjoys reading, playing the violin, Boy Scouts and coming to the club with his mom, Jill, dad, Michael, and sister, Noelle.

Frank’s favorite part about coming to GATC is the pools and the pool float in the summer and XRKade® in the winter. “XRKade® is a fun, interactive place to hang out with people and work out. The coaches are also fun and motivating,” says Frank. He is motivated to come to XRKade® because it’s dark, fun to be in and he loves Dance Dance Revolution and the Wii. Since XRKade® opened last summer, Frank has participated in the Mile High Club. This challenge offers kids an opportunity to earn prizes for working out. After each mile they receive a sticker, after five miles they receive a reward and after 20 miles they receive a prize. It’s a great way to keep moving. In the month of October, Frank completed 80 miles! Frank said, “The Mile High score card makes me work harder and gives me an incentive for working out.” Come meet Frank in XRKade® if you want to “work hard and add fun to your life.” Thank you to Frank and his family for their dedication and passion for Greenwood and for choosing XRKade® as their place to play!

Spring 2010