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David Newquist

imgMember Since 1987

David Newquist is a charter member of GATC, using the club religiously since 1987.

Davids dad was in the Air Force when his mom gave birth to David and his twin sister. His mom had chickenpox while she was pregnant and, though his twin was born a healthy baby girl, David was born without ears. At the ages of four and five, David spent two years in a military hospital for reconstructive surgery, going home only for holidays and his birthday. He wore a headband that transmitted sound through the bones in his head, which caused him to be plagued by headaches throughout his childhood. Two years ago, David had surgery for BAHA (bone anchored hearing amplifiers). These are hearing aids attached to titanium stems that were placed into his skull.

David played high school football, going on to CSU as a starting line-backer. He never wore his headband hearing aid while he was playing football. In high school, he was an offensive tackle. The left guard, Bill, was blind as a bat and developed hand signals to give David the plays. They both won league honors and were known as the deaf leading the blind! As a defensive player, you go off the movement of the person in front of you, so this was not an issue for us! says David.

David met the love of his life, Jane, in a statistics class at CSU. They have been married for 37 years. David and Jane have two boys, David 31 (lives in Monterey, California) and Jason 27 (lives here in town), both of whom have spent hours at the club taking Tae Kwon Do classes and playing basketball. Over the years David has had two knees and a shoulder replaced (thanks to football), has had three back surgeries including two back fusions, two thyroid cancer surgeries and an appendectomy. (You cant keep a good man down!)

He is currently working at DIA as an operations manager and Jane is the head of the Proficiency Center at Homestead Elementary. David recently celebrated his 60th birthday with his family in Monterey Bay, California. When at the club, David swims and lifts weights. Jane walks, lifts weights and enjoys our tap dancing classes. David says, Im in great shape for the shape Im in! He looks pretty great to us!

Summer 2010