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Kids' Club

Club Greenwood is happy to welcome your child to Kids’ Club. The friendly and professional staff offers you a worry free workout while your kids are free to be kids. Our littlest members are in a safe and caring environment with many activities.

  • No reservations required
  • Small group interaction and activities
  • Convenient hours of operation
  • Change diapers
Children playing in Kids' Club may use any area as long as a staff member is present. Staff may bring all children into one room if it's not busy. The children can go from room to room to experience everything Kids' Club has to offer.
Show Facilities
  • Infants

    Our infant area is completely enclosed offering your baby a quiet and peaceful environment. Please bring your child's bottle, pacifier, diapers, etc. in a diaper bag with the name clearly printed on the outside.
  • Toddlers

    We have PLAYTIME soft play equipment for the kids to play, run, jump and climb. Please label all your child's belongings (coat, bag, bottles, pacifier, drinking cup, etc.). Please do not bring toys from home as we cannot be responsible for these items.

Contact Information

Maria Barta
Kids' Club/Youth Activity Club (YAC) Manager

303-770-2582 x364


Monday-Friday - 8:00am-7:00pm
Saturday-Sunday - 8:00am-3:00pm

Time Limits
6 weeks-6 months
1-1/2 hours per visit

7 months-11 months
2 hours per visit

1 year-12 years
2-1/2 hours per visit