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GTS Swim Team

Club Greenwood is home to the Greenwood Tiger Sharks swim team, a USA Swimming club with swimmers from ages 6 to 20. The team trains year-round and competes with other USA Swimming clubs in Colorado and throughout the country in a program that fosters excellence at all levels from novice to national and international levels.

  • The team practices in a 25-meter indoor pool and a 25-meter outdoor pool, which is open year-round. More space allows less swimmers per lane for more valuable practice time.
  • The Tiger Sharks benefit from their location within Club Greenwood by training with nationally certified personal trainers for dry-land workouts.
  • GTS coaches are full-time salaried, thereby making them more accessible by phone, email or during office hours.

 If you are interested in learning about the Tiger Sharks, please contact Genevieve McNally at or 303-770-2582 x407. 

One-Week GTS Swim Trials are also available, fill out a request form here.

    Contact Information

    Genevieve McNally
    GTS Head Coach
    To Learn More:
    303-770-2582 x407